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The anaesthetics department provides anaesthetic cover to all emergency and elective theatre lists as well as department of critical care and obstetric lists. The department consists of 22 consultants and totals 49 doctors of varying grades.

The department provides 24/7 consultant emergency cover for theatres and A+E and also 24/7 consultant cover for the department of critical care.

The anaesthetics department also has a chronic pain team consisting of three consultants and a nursing team (please see separate entry). We also host a number of outpatient clinics including department of critical care follow-up clinic, pre-operative assessment clinics and obstetric pre-operative assessment clinics.

What we offer

  1. Anaesthetic support of emergency theatres with 24/7 on-call consultant.
  2. Anaesthetic support of elective theatres 6 days a week.
  3. Department of critical care 24/7 dedicated consultant support.
  4. Consultant anaesthetist pre-assessment clinics including obstetric.

Access and referrals

N/A – All accessed via elective or emergency pathway as appropriate.

Patient Information

You and Your Anaesthetic 

Key staff

Dr H Manji – Clinical Director for Anaesthetics

Carol Richards-Jones – Operational Manager for Anaesthetics

Essential contact details

Tel - 01908 243159 or ext 5189

Email - Dept.Anaesthetics@mkhospital.nhs.uk

Fax – 01908 243159

Phone : 01908 243159
Phone 2: 01908 243159