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Why we need your help - appeals and projects

We raise money to refurbish wards and departments; purchase state of the art medical equipment and fund other items that enhance patient care. 

All the money we raise funds items that go above and beyond what the NHS provides and we cannot do this without your help. By supporting the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity, you can make a real difference to the lives of thousands of people in the Milton Keynes community when they need it most. 

You can donate to any ward or department within the hospital, or support one of our special appeals and projects. You can make a difference by fundraising, making a donation or volunteering. For information on making a donation simply click here.

Leo's Appeal


Launched September 2013, Leo's Appeal is raising £200,000 to enhance children's services at Milton Keynes Hospital

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Specific wards or departments

Wards and departments in our hospital require funding for items that benefit patients, their families and the community. Through our charity, supporters can donate to specific wards or departments. Perhaps you’ve been treated in a ward and would like to say “thank you”, or you would like to make a donation in memory of someone. Whatever the reason, to support a particular area of the hospital you can email fundraising@mkhospital.nhs.uk for more details.

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Touch of Pink Appeal


The Touch of Pink Appeal is raising funds for the Breast Unit at Milton Keynes Hospital - for patients screened or treated for breast cancer. Thanks to the generosity of the community, we can make a huge difference to patient care.

Launched in April 2012, the appeal successfully raised £80,000 for a digital x-ray machine for specimens removed during surgery. The use of this machine has shortened surgical procedures, improved accuracy and reduced the need for re-operation in several women undergoing breast cancer treatment. We are now fundraising for a second, smaller Digital Specimen X-ray Cabinet for use within the Breast Care Unit during the process of initial diagnosis and management for women who may have breast cancer or who are thought to have breast cancer.

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Little Lives Appeal


LLABack in 2007 the hospital launched the Little Lives Appeal to raise £250,000 for an expansion of the cot area and redevelopment of the parent’s mews (for parents to stay prior to taking their baby home). After a superb amount of public generosity and a final big push, we completed the redevelopment in January 2012.

Donations to the Little Lives Appeal are now spent on state-of-the-art medical equipment and other items that enhance the care of our tiniest patients. It’s important we keep up to date with the latest advances; babies need careful monitoring and support with expensive equipment so that they have the best chance of recovery.

Any equipment we purchase will help us care for our little patients. The length of stay for these babies can vary dramatically – from a few hours, to many months – but we will always care for them until they are ready to go home.