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Dr Ei Ei Khine Phyu

Dr Khine Phyu

Trust Doctor (Junior) - MBBS

Appointed: August 2018

During the internship period on a general medical ward, Dr Khine Phyu's job was to do clerking, physical examination, discuss management plan with seniors, address the patients’ and relatives’ concerns, update changes and write the discharge forms. Dr Khine Phyu's performed many practical skills such as taking blood samples, doing IV cannulation, ECG, inserting NG tubes and urinary catheterisation. She also observed pleural and abdominal fluid aspiration and lumbar puncture.

Moreover, Dr Khine Phyu's was posted in Accident and Emergency Department where she had learnt how to assess patients’ condition quickly via clerking, request necessary investigations and the last but not the least, how to refer to specialities according to the diagnosis. In addition, she had to participate in weekly Continuous Medical Education with consultants and seniors by doing case presentations and discussions.

Furthermore, Dr Khine Phyu attended a short course of basic life support and advanced cardiac life support which was lectured by former professor for head of medicine for 1 week and also attended the training course of BLS & ACLS provided by Burmese Medical Association of North America & University of Medicine Yangon, Myanmar and got the certificate of it.

While she was doing clinical attachment on a Geriatric Ward in Glan Clwyd Hospital, North Wales, Dr Khine Phyu's gathered the knowledge of the UK health system and learned the way of dealing with patients and colleagues. Dr Khine Phyu also attended the patient flow meetings, teaching sessions and MDT meeting, clinical conference and weekly meeting of the ward. During that time, she attended the online training course of NIH Stroke Scale by American Academy of CME, INC which was discussed in the clinical conference and got the certificate. 

Dr Khine Phyu is interested in general medicine and is planning to sit the MRCP exam in near future. As a result, it is her aim to get experience from all medical wards if it is possible. However, she is particularly interested to work in Stroke, Diabetic and Endocrinology, Geriatric, Respiratory, Renal and Accident & Emergency Departments. Dr Khine Phyu willing to learn everything and she is confident in working with colleagues as a team.