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Patient Experience and Engagement

Patient Experience and Engagement

We will process your personal information if it relates to you being a member of the Patient Experience & Engagement Group. This could include being invited to events, being kept up to date on related activity and to take part in experience and engagement tasks. We will only undertake this if you have indicated interest in being invited to the group.

Group membership information processing activities

If you have asked us to invite you to be a member of the Patient Experience & Engagement Group we will record your personal details. This will be stored electronically in a database. Only members of the Patient Experience Team will have access to this information as it will be stored on a ‘shared network drive’.

If you are actively involved in our Patient Experience & Engagement Group and its related activities, we will collect and process personal confidential data which you share with us. This means we will ask you your name, address, contact email and phone number and store them in our electronic database.

Where you submit your details to us for the appropriate involvement activities, we will only use your information for this purpose. The activities could include being invited to and attending events where we will ask for feedback, taking part in patient experience visits such as the ’15 Steps Challenge ’ or it may mean taking part in surveys or commenting on leaflets and documents which will be sent to you by email or by post.

We may contact members from a specific demographic for a focused service improvement. I.e. we may wish to identify women who have or may use the hospital maternity services and therefore we would need to identify women of child bearing age and only contact this specific age range group. In this instance the data collected and stored would include your gender and broad age range group.

You can opt out at any time by contacting us on patientexperience@mkuh.nhs.uk