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Christmas Catering at MKUH

The Eaglestone Restaurant will open from 1200 – 1400 on Christmas Day.

On the other bank holidays (Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, NYE and NYD), the restaurant will be open 0800 – 1700.  

The League of Friends shop will be closed on Christmas Day. They will be open on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day 1000 – 1400. They will be closing at 14:30 on 24th and 31st December.  

Additional food for staff is going out on Christmas Day to the wards with the patient meal trolleys and this will be clearly marked up. Arrangements have also been made with non-clinical staff so that they have access to food.

Compass Group Milton Keynes Hospital Christmas/New year trading hours

24th DEC: 7am-8pm
25th DEC: 9am-6pm
26th Dec: 9am -6pm
27th Dec: 7am-9pm
28th Dec: 7am-9pm
29th Dec: 7am-9pm
30th Dec: 9am-6pm
31st Dec: 9am-6pm
1st Jan:   9am-6pm
Normal trading hours resume 2nd Jan 2018

Little Fresh
24th Dec: 10am-1530pm
25th Dec: Closed
26th Dec: 10am-1530pm
27th Dec: 8am-1800pm
28th Dec: 8am-1800pm
29th Dec: 8am-1800pm
30th Dec: 10am-1530pm
31st Dec: 10am-1530pm
1st Jan    10am-1530pm
Normal trading hours resume 2nd Jan 2018

23rd Dec: 6.30am-6pm 
24th Dec: 6.30am-6pm 
25th Dec: closed
26th Dec: 8am-6pm 
27th Dec: 6.30-8pm
28th Dec: 6.30-8pm
29th Dec: 6.30am-8pm
30th Dec: 6.30am-8pm
31st Dec: 8am-6pm
1st Jan:   8am-6pm
Normal Hours resume 2nd Jan 2018