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Car parking

Important public notice regarding car parking on the Milton Keynes University Hospital site:

From Friday 26 May 2017, the new main entrance at Milton Keynes University Hospital will open. However construction work continues on the development of a link corridor, connection the new main entrance and main outpatients, as well as on our Academic Centre.

As a result parking on site may be disrupted - allow additional time to arrive at your appointment. Please see our improvements page for more information.

Please note - from Monday 27 March, there will be six additional disabled spaces and six additional drop-off/pick up spaces located outside of ward 24. We advise that for clinics in the Treatment Centre you park / drop-off in this location.


Parking at Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is available across the site. 

Visitor car parks are all barrier controlled. To enter the visitor car parks, a ticket must be taken at the barrier. Please take your ticket with you - do not leave the ticket in your vehicle. If you are dropping off a relative in any of our car parks and return to your vehicle within 30 minutes, the same ticket obtained on entry will allow you to exit through the barriers at no charge.

Duration  Charge
0-30 mins Free 
0-1 hours £2.50 
1-3 hours £3.50 
3-6 hours £4.50 
6-8 hours  £5.00 
8-12 hours  £10.00 
12-24 hours  £10.00 

Upon leaving the hospital building please pay for your parking at one of the Pay on Foot Pay Stations located as follows:

  • Outside A&E
  • Lobby in pedestrian entry / exit to multi-storey car park
  • Outside cardiology (Car park B)

When you have paid for your ticket, return to your car and drive to the nearest exit. Insert your ticket into the machine and the barrier will rise. Help buttons are located on all entry / exit barriers and payment machines.

Click here for a map of the hospital to see all available parking locations.

Due to the construction of our new main entrance starting in January 2017, we recommend that you allow additional time to arrive at your appointment. For further details on these developments, please see here.

Payment Methods

Cash, coins / notes, credit cards, debit cards.

For regular visitors to Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, weekly permits are available. Please ask for more information at the security office in the multi-storey car park.

Warden controlled parking

Warden Controlled Parking

From April 2013, Milton Keynes University Hospital introduced a warden patrol service for parking across the hospital site. The company will provide a service with branded uniformed wardens. Fines will be imposed on any drivers who:

  • Avoid paying for parking;
  • Are non disabled drivers parking in disabled spaces;
  • Park on road sides, on double red lines and/or in fire roads. (This has the potential to cause restriction to fire roads and to emergency vehicles, disabled drivers being unable to park in the dedicated bays which are close to entrances and bus routes being blocked by cars parked on double red lines.)

Staff breaking these rules, or parking in spaces dedicated to patients and visitors, will also be subject to parking charges.

The introduction of the warden patrol service will enable the hospital’s security staff to focus on protecting the safety of our staff and patients. The warden patrols will also provide additional security, through both their physical presence, and their radio contact with our security staff.

Disabled Parking Facilities

Disabled Parking Facilities

Please note - from Monday 27 March 2017, there will be six additional disabled spaces located outside of Ward 24.

Dedicated disabled parking areas are located:

  • On level 1 (ground) and level 2 of the multi-storey car park
  • Outside Ward 24
  • Outside Milton Mouse
  • At the rear of the hospital
  • To the front and side of Eaglestone Health Centre

The disabled spaces formally located outside the main Outpatients building have been relocated to safer, better lit and more secure areas on the level 1 and level 2 of the multi-storey car park.

Disabled blue badge holders parking in the barrier car parks can have their parking ticket validated at the security office, located on level 1 (ground floor) of the multi-storey.

For details of all disabled parking spaces, please see the map here.



It is free for the following to park:

  • Inpatients (24 hour stay or longer)
  • Disabled (Blue Badge) permit holders
  • Macmillan attendees
  • Paediatric cancer attendees
  • Patients receiving dialysis
  • Volunteers

Parking costs and travel expenses can be reimbursed for patients that receive income support related benefits. In order to make claim, please provide the following documentation:

  • Up to date income support paperwork
  • Appointment letter
  • Bus ticket, parking ticket or taxi receipt:
    • If you have already paid for your parking, a receipt can be printed from the payment machines. 
    • We are unable to reimburse taxi fares unless you have a signed letter from your GP stating you cannot travel on public transport. If you have travelled by taxi, but you do not have a letter from your GP, the equivalent bus fare will be given.

Parking and travel reimbursement excludes A&E attendances and visiting. If you have any queries regarding travel fees please enquire at the general office, situated in the hospital main entrance. 

Where does the money go?

Where does the money from car parking charges go?

  • Road and parking space maintenance
  • Ensuring visitor, patient and staff safety
  • CCTV Camera System
  • Swipe Card Door Control
  • 24 hour security team
  • Contribution to the cost of the Trust’s dedicated Police Officer
  • Maintenance of roads, grounds, gardens, as well as the re-lining of roads, cleaning and path gritting
  • Capital charges