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Major incident training exercise

Milton Keynes University Hospital is taking part in a major incident training exercise on Thursday 7 September 2017 to test established local plans to deal with a large-scale, or mass-casualty, incident.

 Co-ordinated by the University of Buckingham Medical School, the exercise will see local emergency services and MK Council working together with the hospital to deal with an imagined scenario that will initially be played out by actors and students.

The exercise will begin at the MK Dons stadium in the morning, and move over to the hospital in the afternoon, and provide medical students, hospital staff and local services further training in how to respond to these types of incidents.

Medical students will play the roles of the casualties at the hospital in the afternoon.  Those playing the role of patients will be clearly identified and accompanied by staff at all times.

The safety of the hospital’s patients will remain paramount at all times and the exercise will not affect the care and treatment patients receive.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.