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Mr Henry Andrews

Consultant Urologist - MBBS, MBA, FRCS, FRCSi, FEBU

Appointed: July 2007

I trained at the North East Thames Deanery, London where I rotated yearly through different affiliated hospitals. The Royal London and St Bartholomew’s Hospitals was my main teaching hospital hub. The last two years of my training I spent at ‘Barts’, in the role of a senior registrar with special interest in Stones. My training focused on the surgical treatment and management of complex renal stones, and the ability to independently place a percutaneous tract into the Kidney for stone surgery. 

At the completion of my specialist registrar years, I went to L’institut Mutualist Montsouris, Paris, as a laparoscopy and robotics fellow for a year. Here I learnt all aspects of urological laparoscopy and robotics, focusing mainly on the prostate gland surgery, and also on renal and benign laparoscopic pelvic surgery. I duly returned to the UK to commence and build up a practice as a consultant. After a few locum appointment duties as a consultant, I secured a substantive post as consultant urological surgeon at MKUHFT.

I currently practice as a general urologist with combined specialist interests. My general urologist work involves diagnosing and managing prostate problems, wide range of urological conditions involving children and women. My specialist interests include managing complex renal stones diseases with laser and percutaneous access surgery, PCNL. I am also a laparoscopic surgeon, performing keyhole surgery on a variety of kidney conditions including cancers.

I have had roles in the department as Clinical lead, and I currently lead for stones surgery and laparoscopic surgery.