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Information for media organisations


Samuel Holden, Head of Communications - 01908 996217 or Samuel.Holden@mkuh.nhs.uk 

Jacob Prichard, Communications Manager - 01908 996258 or Jacob.Prichard@mkuh.nhs.uk   

Alison Marlow, Communications Manager: 01908 996064 or Alison.Marlow@mkuh.nhs.uk 

Alice Fiancet, Communications Officer: 01908 996218 or Alice.Fiancet@mkuh.nhs.uk

For any further enquiries, please email communications@mkuh.nhs.uk 

Video and photography

Video and photography

The Trust will make every effort to co-operate with the media seeking an interview with either staff or patients. If you would like to arrange an interview or need further information on any news stories requiring an interview, please contact the Communications team on communications@mkuh.nhs.uk or 01908 996219.

All requests for interviewing/photographing patients must be made through the Communications team. Trust policy dictates that written permission must be obtained from a patient before photographs or filming is undertaken.

The Communications team will normally ensure this has been done and the patient is fully aware of the reasons for the request. Staff should also not be approached directly for comment or interview without prior permission from the Communications department.

Under no circumstances may interviews, filming or photography be carried out on or around the hospital site without the express permission of the Trust. Anyone found carrying out unauthorised filming; photography or interviews will be requested to leave the site immediately.