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Information for visitors

Please remember

Please remember the following points:

  • Visitors are limited to a maximum of two people per bed at any one time. Short visits are less tiring for patients. Visiting times have been set so that patients can rest and receive their care in private.
  • Visitors may be asked to leave the ward due to protected meal times, clinical needs or emergencies.
  • Mobile phones, cameras and camcorders must not be used in ward areas.
  • Children under 13 years of age are welcome to visit, but they should be accompanied by and remain the responsibility of an adult visitor. Please be considerate of other patients by supervising children at all times.

There are currently a significant number of developments being undertaken on the hospital site including the construction of a new main entrance and the building of an Academic Centre - please allow additional time for arriving for your appointments. Full details on these developments can be found here

Click here to view a map of the hospital.

Visiting times

Visiting times are displayed at the entrance to your ward and are: 

  • Medical wards: 12pm to 8pm 
  • Surgical wards: 2pm to 8pm
  • Children's ward: parents or carers are welcome any time (only one parent to stay overnight). Other visitors are allowed between 2pm and 8pm.
  • Labour ward: A maximum of two birthing partners are allowed.

Maternity: Partners are welcome between 8am and 10pm. Other visitors are permitted between 10am and 8pm.

Click here to view a map of the hospital.

Other information

Shops, snacks and entertainment

The hospital has an on-site shop, run by the Friends of Milton Keynes Hospital and Community. It sells a range of newspapers, magazines, refreshments, and gifts. Friends of Milton Keynes also provide a daily trolley service to the wards, selling newspapers, soft drinks and snacks.

The Eaglestone Restaurant provides hot and cold meals, teas, coffees and snacks.

The Chapel

A place for a quiet moment of reflection - everyone is welcome. Ask a member of the nursing team for directions. The nursing team can also arrange for you to talk with a member of the chaplaincy.

Visitor behaviour

Our staff will treat all patients and visitors with respect and dignity. In return, visitors are asked to treat staff in the same way. If your behaviour is found to be unacceptable, you will be asked to leave.

Infection Control

To keep the hospital infection free, please take note of the following points:

  • Please use the hand gels provided when entering or leaving a ward area.
  • Do not visit the hospital if you feel unwell.
  • Check with a nurse before you enter a single room, as you may need to take further infection prevention precautions.
  • Use the chairs provided - please do not sit on the beds.
  • We do not allow plants and flowers in any ward.


As of April 2012, Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Trust has installed smoking shelters in the following locations:

  • Outside Accident and Emergency
  • Treatment centre car park
  • Outside the multistorey car park
  • Rear entrance by ward 16

Please respect our patients, visitors and staff and smoke only in the designated areas.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones are discouraged within the hospital and prohibited in certain areas. Patients and visitors are requested to respect their fellow patients and restrict their use.

Public telephones are available throughout the hospital site.

Hospital improvements

Please note that our new main entrance opens on Friday 26 May.

Below is a summary of our plans to improve your hospital over the next 4-5 years.


Witan Gate House

Located in central Milton Keynes (opposite The Hub), the fully air-conditioned offices boast two kitchens, a board room, breakout areas and large meeting rooms. The building which the office is in also offers trust staff changing facilities, outdoor areas and secure parking.

The move off site will free up valuable clinical space on wards that is currently used for back office work. Back office staff moving over is planned to begin from November 2016.

New Main Entrance

Milton Keynes University Hospital’s new main entrance will open its doors for the first time at 6am on Friday 26 May, 2017.

The new entrance will be located outside of the main outpatients building, opposite the multi-storey car park. The area will be equipped with the latest technology and includes a Costa Coffee, a Subway and a Little Fresh – a convenience store that can tailor it’s product offerings depending on local demand. More importantly, the new building will contain an additional 80 seats for staff, patients and visitors to unwind. 

More information can be found here

New 20 bed ward - Ward 24

We have begun construction on a new surgical ward to increase the number of beds available for patients. 

The new ward, which will help the hospital deal with the ever-increasing demand for its services throughout the year, will be built next to the Treatment Centre (which is currently also the hospital's main entrance). 

In order to effectively coordinator the improvements, we have developed an implementation plan in consultation with all the divisions which outlines the consequences of the changes – this plan will be completed over two phases.

Phase 1 involves improving the emergency pathways and creating additional beds across the Trust and will commence from late October. Phase 2 involves the movement of wards once ward 24 is ready to use. Moves will not be performed until after February 2017 (when the new ward has been furnished and equipped) and the full details are subject to confirmation. 

Build an Academic centre

As part of our joint medical school venture with the University of Buckingham we will be building an academic centre near the main roundabout when you first arrive at the hospital.

This is an important milestone in our journey to becoming a centre of excellence for education.

The build of the academic centre is scheduled to begin in January 2017 and be complete at the beginning of 2018. 


A Cancer centre

We are designing a new cancer centre that will allow us to provide more complex cancer treatments for our patients here at the hospital, whereas currently they have to travel to Northampton or Oxford.

Create a ‘Common front door’ for urgent and emergency patients

We intend to significantly extend and refurbish the existing A&E, which aims to bring together Urgent and Emergency Care into an integrated and enlarged facility, and to create a Paediatric Assessment Unit next to the existing Children’s A&E unit.

The Common Front Door (CFD) is designed to give urgent and emergency patients a single point of entry to the hospital so they don’t have to worry about where to go. The clinicians at the reception desk will assess each patient and direct them to the most appropriate care.

Full details on all our improvement plans can be found here.